Your Soul Is A River

Your soul is a river
Flowing through me, effortlessly
Twisting, turning
Fluid and free
Carrying me homeward
Safe now and serene
Showing me places
Unheard of, unseen
Dreaming peacefully
As your waters, pour over me
Submerged in you, buried deeply
Entangled, yet free

Your soul is a journey
A safe passage before me
You exhale completely
Into and through me
Traveling to those places
We are longing to see
All at once, remembering
Revealing in me
All those remnants, long expired
Forgotten, left be

Your soul is my freedom
My strength, and my kingdom
So far reaching, awe inspiring
Moving and driving
Now forging a path
Shaping me, so profoundly
Striking irons of fate
Filling me up, completely
Freeing me of the chains
That imprisoned, and bound me
Your soul is my reason
To live and to breathe

Todays best new poem was written by David L. Bowman.


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