Your Alive

So I got up one day feeling real blue
I been calling all night, but didn’t get through
All I heard was a busy tone, what the heck could it be
You can’t answer your phone, 4 or 5 in the morn
The clubs out at 3, you promised soon as you leave
You’d holla at me, I was young 22, you 35
Age nothing but a number, confirmed by our time
I’m thinking to myself what the heck is up
If I see you with a chick, you both getting messed up
But little did I know some stuff went down
And I never thought about you being dead or dying
3 nights before, we had a real bad fight
But, it wasn’t anything that wouldn’t be alright
I called you up to apologize, less than 1 hour
Were together riding fly, I smiled so much
Now I’m doing more crying, I loved you so much
Wanted to have your child, you can tell on my face
If I had a bad day, when your day went worse
You never looked that way, all I know
You’re a cool cool dude, never met anyone
Quite like you, in my eyes you stayed up to sky
Don’t care where you been, now you here in my life
At least you were once upon a time
All of a sudden,wake,funeral,ground
I wish you well can’t say goodbye
Cause still today in my heart


Todays best new poem was written by Zammy.


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