You Were There

You were there to calm my fears.
You held me close as I cried my tears.
I never met a woman like you.
I never a love that was so true.

You were there in my darkest days.
I knew you when I walked in a haze.
My life seemed empty without you.
The thought of us together carried me through.

You were there with me at my heights.
Your smile warmed me up on my coldest of nights.
Us together was the sweetest of my dreams.
The days go by and my eyes ever so brightly gleams.

You were with me for our wedding day.
My heart stored the memories away.
My wife, my partner for the rest of my days.
No matter the situation I saw love in your gaze.

You were there up to the last day of my life.
You held my hand, but no more I fight my strife.
You cried your tears and your love was still true.
No matter where I go I will always love you.


Todays best new poem was written by Ryan McKinnon.


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