Stewed in the rot of
cankerous canteen,
I wait for it.
Yesternight delivers

clean, numbing relief.
It stays the smothering weight,
of both truth and despair,
borrowed and bartered still.

Yesternight you kissed me
as I shook under moonlight,
a torrid kiss swept up
in salty, lapping waves.

Perhaps you lied when you
whispered those words,
seducing my tortured soul,
always seeking redemption.

Perhaps not?

I stowe yesternight away,
a warmth that dissipates
and stand up again
to tread this winter sod.

I clothe myself in her faith
and await yesternight’s promises.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by L. Fisher O’Leary.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?