Winters Day

such a beautiful winters day
dazzling sun shining brightly
icy wind blowing briskly
January permeating the bones

i remember another day
back oh so many years
when the cold didn’t matter
we never thought it was wrong or bad

or would prefer instead a summers day
we accepted what we had
our souls just embraced it
our hearts knew the splendor

of such a beautiful winters day
it just brings me back
to a time when we simply
played the hand we were dealt

Todays best new poem was written by Pete Armetta.


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3 thoughts on “Winters Day

  1. Tres bien monsieur. How wonderful a feeling to not worry about the frightful weather if it be so but just be happy with what you have – well expressed…to each Season lies its own rewards. Well done and Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful poem, the icy bright crispness of it, the sky and the sun are as clear and sharp as the winters day it describes, and the notion of harking back to the days we would not complain of the cold but accept and celebrate the weathers changing flavours come what may so nicely expressed! Perfectly timely here in Yorkshire, where a snowfall is forecast for a hours time!

  3. I quite appreciate the idea of just letting the seasons change! What a wonderful place to be in!

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