Why Is It

Why is it
I’m laying alone in my bed
Just a resting my head
On this freshly driven New Years Morning
But as I lay
My mind drifts away
Reality sinks in
I’m all alone
But why me God
Did I do something wrong
An elephant tear rolls down my cheek
And nessles on my pillow case
But wait theres more to follow
My mind drifts to you
What we had was so true
And I ask myself why
Why’d you have to run away
Faster than a speeding bullet
You say you still love me
But how can one just walk out on his family
Just answer me this
Why oh why
Why’d you have to crush an already meanding heart
Crunching on lifes miserable dismays
As it does still today!


Todays best new poem was written by MKTP69.