Who Will Fight?

Who will fight for those without a voice?

The innocent, who are not given a choice.

Who will fight for those who cannot stand on their own?

The many that are left with nothing, not even a home.

Who will fight for the children, so vulnerable and scared?

The kids, confused and tired, walking aimlessly with an empty stare.

Who will fight for the citizens going to war for peace?

The brave, demanding change but left for dead in the streets.

Who will fight for those fighting for us?

The men and women sacrificed for reasons cruel and unjust.

Who will fight for those who are blind and cannot see?

The people who conform by ignorance and obediently agree.

Who will fight for the next generation and the one after that?

The future that will inherent our evil and all its wrath

Who will fight for you, who will fight for me?

The individuals who try and try, but fail to succeed.

Who will fight for them, those who have lost hope?

The many who are weak and unable to cope.

Who will fight, who will stand strong?

The one’s that can make right what is wrong.

Who will fight, fight to be free?

If I fight for you, will you fight for me?

Todays best new poem was written by NKH.


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