Where I’’m From

I am from many sounds of laughs and giggles on the streets of queens, from a warm helping family with a mother protecting each one of us in a different way.

I am from the singing of 1 -2-3-4 while my sister and I jump rope. The sounds of dogs barking from the distances far.

I am from that delicious odor of my poppies cologne, which I always adored.

From the long car rides to queens that always made me feel lucky.

I am from baseball games with my dad. From the sounds of keep your head up or you will fall.

I am from the anger of feeling small, from your too little and too small.

I am from follow your dreams before its too late, from the gift of love and hope that I will never hate.

I am from the muddy shoes, the screaming quads and dirt bikes, which my dad and I enjoyed.

From being that rough hard girl on the outside and sensitive on the in

I am from being one of the kids climbing trees and playing in those muddy puddles.

I am from the sound of my dads radio and the images of a N.Y.P.D hero.


Todays best new poem was written by Sierra Simonetti.


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