What’s This

Isn’t this fun, are you hanging on,
Does it tickle your funny bone?
It can make you sad and make you grin,
Make you dizzy and put your head in a spin.
It can be very slow or go really fast,
You could be first or end up last.
It can be simple and easy or difficult and hard,
You might get a sure bet or a wild card.
Do you know what Im talking about, wat it is,
Can you tell me What’s This?
It can be nice and smooth or wild and rough,
You may want more or you’ll get just enough.
You can share it or keep it hidden away,
You may want to run or maybe you’ll stay.
It might be quick and short or be very long,
It can make you dance and sing a song.
Solve my riddle, tell me what you think it is,
Before my rhyme is thru, tell me What’s This?.
You get only one though you may want two,
The answer is easy, its entirely up to you.
It is a gift, you only have to take it,
It’s LIFE, and its all about what you make it!!!

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Lisa Anne.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


One thought on “What’s This

  1. Its a lovely poem with meaningful thought. I really liked the poem.

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