Whatever The Weather

yesterday the flower blossomed when the heat pounded the rose.
the birds chirped, whistling. ten ugly toes.
the shining star sneaking across the sky; its aim clearly burning,
as you lay and think the time has come for an effort filled turning,
the shade now seems a nice retreat,
the floor to hot for delicate feet,
bound to relaxing in such a place; torturous, the sun as a guard,
unlikely was the escape from my own backyard,
my heroes appeared and sailed from their position in the sea of blue,
they creep slowly toward the target ‘we want to save you’,
soon they make their cover and i return to the safety of the shade,
at which time i examined the redness of which the sun has made.

today, my heroes returned as my enemy, darkness consumed the air,
i returned inside as they made their intention clear,
i didn’t want them here,
bring back the warmth, the summer sun,
bring back the shining, bring back fun,
the day was spent indoors with the burning wood,
but without the warmth that have i should,
the miserable weather was surrounding the town,
nowhere was a smile, only a frown,
the night was no different from the day,
only that in hope of warmer weather in which it lay.

Todays best new poem was written by Tamsin-Rose.


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