What Do You Do?

What do you do?
When things go from steady to shaky
When clear waters run muddy
And you don’t know up from down or right from wrong

When everything you thought was solid changes
and you realize nothing is ever the way it seems
As soon as things get settled, a new bomb goes off, a new obstacle is laid and the stakes set a little higher.

And through all of it, the hurt, the pain, and the confusion
you lose focus.
You get caught up in this world,
you worry about everything.
You feel like everything is being held together by a thread.

These are the times when He is most important, when you need to put all faith in Him.
When you need to cast all your troubles upon the Lord our God
These are the hardships He has set before you to conquer.
To make you stronger and to strengthen your faith set unto Him.

Because with him on your side anything can happen,
and will happen for the better.
Whether noticed now, tomorrow, or possibly never,
everything happens for a reason.
When your life is in a tailspin, call out to him,
for he will calm your fears and dry your tears.


Todays best new poem was written by W!ldf!Re.


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