We Wait

We’re always waiting.
We wait to survive, to drive, to finally come alive,
To be free and see the people we want to be.
We wait to grow, to know, to stand up and show
That we are here, eyes clear, with no hint of fear.
We wait for our time to shine and define, to cross the line
Drawn in the sand by heavy hand and a booming string of reprimands.
We wait to forget the disrespect and regrets,
All of the pains and the rain and the moral disdain.
We wait to remember the mads, sads, and glads we’ve had,
To learn and discern when it’ll be our turn,
To feel real and be ready to reveal
Yourself to the wealth of life off the shelf.
And as we were raised, we’ll age in a daze foggy with haze,
Lying and trying to stop all the crying
On top of our deathbeds, flowers about our heads, preparing to meet with the previously dead.
And we’ll allow our hearts to stop, eyelids to drop, and soon our souls will float to the top.
And all our descendants in penance for our hesitance will mourn and uphold our legacies of remembrance.

Todays best new poem was written by Chelsea Renee.


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One thought on “We Wait

  1. Wow! That poem is so beautiful, a poem has never brought tears to my eyes. All I have to say is keep writing because you are an inspiration to all.

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