“You can trust us,”
mock the voices behind the masks…
The masks of false sincerity and adoration.
“You are different from the rest,”
urge the reassuring voices…

“Come to us.”
The voices of hidden intentions and personal pleasures
reassure us of their sincerity.
And we believe these voices behind the masks
because our hearts are pure
while the hearts of those that belong to the voices are not.

We walk towards the voices,
embracing the sound of the words and the promises they make.
We smile and open our hearts
to receive what we believe to be love.

We give of ourselves freely and with pure abandonment…
and this love is greedily devoured
but not reciprocated.

Then suddenly the tone turns
and the once reassuring voices become mocking.
We crouch in uncertainty,
blaming ourselves for the sudden loss of emotions.

We cry out,
longing for answers,
only to be met with silence and avoidance.

Our hearts ache;
physically ache from the disappointment of the voices’ actions.
We cower back within ourselves
and vow to never listen or trust the voices again.
“You can trust us,” mock the new voices behind the masks…and we listen.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Lisa Morris.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?