Virtually Alive

2 years since you lay down and let the angels take you
Virtually everything has changed
Baby born and many storms
Breaking the earth up and taking many more like you
Older and younger ones too
Broken hearts and lives
Love and understanding
Lost amidst the wounds and bleeding
Ghosts roam in those dark hours
In our dreams and prayers
We hear your laugh and see those big brown eyes
Smiling gently
Sadness and regrets
If only If only..
The odds were stacked high against you
And you saw the here and now
Knowing each moment was all you had to hang on to..
Virtually everything has changed
We live virtual lives here
Connecting with those we will never meet
Sharing our daily trivilialities
Breaking bread with eachother
Some sit in silence while others gently
Copy and paste wise words
Loved ones are born and die here
Their remains eternal in the page

Todays best new poem was written by Boozara.


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4 thoughts on “Virtually Alive

  1. Lovely poem, showing the cycle of life and death and how loved ones gone can live not only in our hearts but in the virtual world,keeping their spirit alive forever.

    • Thank you it relates to my son joe aged 29 who died 2 years ago…and I had in mind others whose Facebook page becomes a memorial tribute, and how news of births and death are announced and shared via cyberspace


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