Unsung Hero

My father is a hero to me.
While many ran from war; my father ran to it.
Although a young lad, he knew he could do it.
He found himself in the midst of the Vietnam War.
Fighting to stay alive and maybe come home once more.
So many things he has seen; I will never know.
Till this day many thoughts will haunt him so.
Forced to become a grown man in young boys skin,
He fought for our country, doing what was asked of him.
To kill or be killed was the battle cry.
Learning to pull the trigger in the blink of an eye.
Guns, mortars, violence and bloodshed each day.
How does a soldier put these memories at bay?
The sounds and cries of war engraved in his mind,
To me it means freedom, to him those left behind.
The things he had to do to survive;
My mind can not fathom how he’s alive.
Upon his arrival to the states back home;
Soldiers were spat upon and mocked as they felt all alone.
Many say they did not agree with the war at hand,
People need to respect the soldier who fought to protect our land.
I look at my father and may never understand;
Everything he had to do to follow his chain of command.
I remember when I was a child, he would doze off to sleep.
We dare not touch him to wake him, unless you could leap.
He would immediately swing like he was under attack,
It was as though memories of Nam were to come back.
He never spoke much about everything he did see.
He has held much of it in for years as a way to protect me.
My father is indeed a Hero to me.
He has served and protected our country and our family.
My father, I admire you and will love you always.
You are an Unsung Hero to this country but to me you were brave.
So although an Unsung Hero to this country you may be,
You are first my Father and a true Hero to me.


Todays best new poem was written by Derek Coverly.


42 thoughts on “Unsung Hero

  1. I wrote this for my Father. I put it on paper with a watermark picture of him in uniform from Vietnam. Then placed it in a shadowbox with some of his badges and awards. He has never properly been thanked for his service. Many veterans only get thanked and honored when they die with a military funeral. I wanted to post this poem in hopes to honor him while he is living.

  2. I love the poem bro! Our father is a true hero and the poem is amazingly written and very honoring to him!

    • Thanks. It is sad how he has never properly been thanked for serving our country. I may not be able to get him the medals he deserves now but could at least do this.

  3. The true heroes of a war are those who appeared on the frontlines and not the headlines, who watered the land with blood and sweat. I really love the poem. As I read it I also saw my father who is a veteran of the Nigerian civil war.

    • Thank you. I wrote this for my Father and was not sure if I wanted to share it. I finally decided to share it because others may feel the same way about their Fathers and it could help honor past Vets.

      • I am glad you wrote the tribute. It is well written and of course very special to the writer. I noted your father was a member of the 3rd Armoured Division. I was too a member of the Spearhead Division.
        My service was with the 3rd Armoured Division in West Germany, the town of Friedburg (Hessan) W. Germany, Will Kasern. I was in the 27th Field Artillery which made up a part of the 3rd. While I was lucky, I did not have to go to Viet Nam, I had many buddies that did. I lost 2 buddies over there.

        But getting back to your father, He is a hero for his service to our Country and I thank him for his service.

  4. I was amazed at your talent! The poem is beautiful and so heartfelt! I am so proud to be able to thank your dad for his service to our country!

  5. This poem is real and true to form… it reaches deep into the heart and embraces. It is uplifting and endearing….with valor and honor much deserved

  6. Its refreshing to see peple admiring their parents, and understanding what they went thr to get where they are.

  7. ……..we never forget what we have experienced, by the scars that tatoo our once wounded bodies Though often happy just to be allowed to live through it all, and especially to be allowed to know the love of a good woman, to have the chance to know fatherhood, and grandfatherhood. Now as the “agent orange” caused cancers fill my body with disease and pain, I do wonder whether or not I would have volunteered had I foresight in knowing how all of that experience would change me…..
    …….when I see the children playing more or less safely in our parks and schools, I do feel that my/our sacrifices were mostly worth it. But when I die, only my family and a few friends will know it. Maybe some people who visit veterans cemetarys will where ever I am laid to rest will pause for a moment and read my name on the gravestone, and wonder for a moment whom I was…..

    • Thank you so much for your post and thank you for your service. Many Vets never receive the honor they deserve until their funeral. This is why I wanted to share this poem. Thousands of thousands of vets deserve so much more respect and honor.

    • Thank you so much for your message and support in helping honor my father. I appreciate your service to our country. I will pray for you and your family as you continue to deal with the affects of your service.

  8. this was great i also are a Vietnam Veteran, i wish you the best of luck hope you win , and a Welcome home to your Dad,thanks for his service

  9. Beautiful heart felt poem! Made me teary-eyed. God bless your dad for his service, and please thank him!

  10. Great poem. It flowed with expression and heartfelt deepness. My Mom would always tell myself and 4 siblings, buy me flowers now, not when I am dead. It is powerful when we honor our parents when they are still alive. God bless you and keep penning more poems!

    • Thank you Laura. Your Mom is so right. We will see about writing more in the future. I have never been a writer but wanted to do this for my Father

    • Loni, thank you so much. I pray that thru this he will feel some respect and honor that he deserves after all these years.

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