Wanting you and to watch you grow
Longing to see you smile
Wishing you were in my belly
Doing your little dance

Hoping you’ll have my features,
Praying you’ll have my style

I know you would have been a handful
I always wanted to take the chance
The doctor’s tell me to have you,
You or I would pay the cost

But thinking about you is not a total loss
My heart has been empty for most of my years
I know now that you would have filled that space

I get a tingle in my soul when I
See a little baby’s face
I know God has other plans for me
I wish I knew what it was

Because you would have been
As sweet to me as a sparkling white dove

Just to have held and smelled you
An angel’s scent I know now that’s a part of me
This world will never get

I know God has other plans for me
And I will find out soon just know
There was always a place for you in my womb


Todays best new poem was written by Lakora Emery.