Being united is what we all should be thinking about.
We are all one, we are all equals
when the time comes we must answer
why weren’t we there for each other?
why dint we look out for one another?
come to think about its too late now.
we all brought our world to an end
we all stopped caring
we were all to busy thinking about ourselves
wait what is this?
i am awake i cant believe this
is this god giving us a second chance?
it was all a dream
we still have time to change, its not too late
hope this time everything changes for better
because we are all one, we are all equal
united we must stand.

Todays best new poem was written by Zee


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13 thoughts on “Unity

  1. An honest, inspirational piece that encourages readers to take advantage of the moment and join forces while we still can, before it’s too late…sadly, selfishness, greed, prejudice and misunderstanding are all factors that have led to the gradual deterioration of almost all moral foundations of society. Indeed, united we stand, but divided we fall…great poem, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Masterpiece what can I say….WOW! ! !
    Your so right we do have time to make this world a better place.

  3. we are family… each of us of equal importance. we need to start acting like it! very good poem!

  4. true aspects you pointed out about humanity and the course of the circle…flows well as a song. nice piece.

  5. Peace! peace everywhere
    B’coz unison alwz there
    Hatred! hatred seen on none
    B’coz we are alwz one

  6. Superb message for everyone to read. Let’s keep this message motivating us through the rest of our lives. Very well written

  7. Noble heart will love for peace, Good heart believe for good hope…and this is what we can read here…We always have a choice to walk with better days as togetherness instead of hurtful life…For life unity and life for all…i vote for this dream…we have way still to win over the selfishness..it was inspiring write of humanity! ! ! !

  8. Your great concern for humanity through this touching poem clearly shows your honest heart’s feelings! 10+++ Keep it up my dear friend! It is a pleasure to come online and be able to read and enjoy such a thought provoking write! Thanks for sharing and God Bless You for always! Love and Peace

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