I miss you
I miss everything about you
There was an intimacy swollen in my heart
but has faded in your eyes
But my love is strongest,purest
I shall never forget
How much I loved you
and love you still.

Your smile touches the deepest corners of my heart
There was a time, when I knew I was yours
but that has also passed.
How can I forget the sparkle
on the bosom of your laughter
The magic in your eyes
The ticklish banter.

How I wish time froze
and I was forever yours
Till the sun goes down
Till the stars all die
Till the gleam of the moon
does never flood the sky.
You may never know
How you have arrested my whole
Perhaps you shall never see
and never know
the abyss of my longing-
a quenchless fire deep below.

But till the tide of time
embraces the last grain of sand
Till autumn’s last leaf
is swept away from land
Till our entwined souls
meekly to faith surrender
I will love you true
Forever and ever.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Rafflesia.


Do you think it might be one of the best new poems of 2013?