My friend you have unforgetable name of morality
you have the ability to tell my mistakes that’s your sensitivity
you have the agility to encourage me with your fun
so that in any race I can run

My friend you have the smile like a sun
which joins humanity and humility in your face
you speak form heart that is your great taste ‘
when ever I have done a small work you said dear your great
in my heart it creates a sensation of knowing my potentiality
in my work which I like
the crown may fall the body may burn the memories can be driven I hope this friendship is immortal like heaven


Todays best new poem was written by Akshat.


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10 thoughts on “Unforgetable

  1. Lovely word you coined for the title, Akshat, with great sentiments and good imagery beautifully conveying the reality of a friend who builds one up, encouraging and whom you hope will forever remain. I enjoyed it.

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