Unexpected Beauty

Such a tiny creation, transparent yet beautiful in her overall magnificence,

She refracts light with seasoned expertise, glistening with radiance, she draws sorrowful, unexpected observance,

She glides, sensually over the creases and imperfections lower, still lower until she has fallen,

Staining streaks in her wake, not unlike the bars of an impenetrable dungeon,

She moves slowly, deliberately, her manner condescending yet strangely candour,

Stubbornly she displays all the false dignity she somehow still manages to conjure,

Short –lived is her moment so again she begins from the delicate recesses of her origin,

Silently she steps forth, a watery warm texture capturing the light, with subtle caution,

Such unexpected beauty she has, yet she is merely an expression of emotional human discomfort,

Surprising that this incredible emotion is something humanity continually tries to covert.

Her beauty, sustained by sad and hurtful emotions, spilling from the depths of the soul,

Like an overflowing bucket, she weeps over the boundaries as the sadness becomes impossible to console.

She is a simple and unexpectedly beautiful tear.
Emotional expression should not be viewed as a weakness for it is in truth a strength.

Todays best new poem was written by Jen Sheridan


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