Twills Of Ecstasy

In light of grace, so far a night;
through tender heart which breaks.
Aghast with angels choir; bow,
and loneliness doth forsake.

But, through the twills of ecstasy,
and ancient wrapping gown;
amid the ducts of pharaohs, flee!
Brought forth from antique sound.

Yet, tend a hand which loves the most,
and sing sweet fervor, dwell.
In most harmonious tainted lands,
where ne’er a frail child swells.

Into this thought, bring God’s pure voice;
though aged view does collide.
Round muster caskets painted forth;
with frugal pockets, thrive.

Found in the days of haggle lost;
a buttered tawdry lie.
Amidst erotic passion, felt;
weeps through in morning sky.

Come, ardor, croon of maiden fair;
anomalous ways of nigh’.
Ask, to whom, kind sir, do you impose
sweet placid love gone dry?

Awake, in shackles made of chain;
where heathens sought freedom, deranged.
This heart, no longer kind or tame;
breathes long lost brittle fame.

Tormented soil of belly’s roar,
and bitter turmoil mused, why?
Freckled boy, no tears adore;
swooned fragile force of light.

Take heed, dear one, of summers past;
bring falcon wings, abide.
What more to say to soulless ghost,
where no love built survives.


Todays best new poem was written by Nataly del Scott.


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One thought on “Twills Of Ecstasy

  1. If this is about meaningless continual discoursing it fits the definition of twilling and someone who loves it, so if that’s the point then .. bravo

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