Truth Lies Within The Heart

Skies so blue and fields of green,
Grass so soft, you feel the breeze.
On this breeze the sounds so sweet
Nature sings your soul takes wing

On wing of thought you soar
High above you appears a door
As you ascend, this door opens
And lets a light so glorious shine through

Then fear strikes and the ascent stops short
Fire blocks your way
Your lovely ascent turns into a fall

Suddenly a shadow detaches from the door
You close your eyes as it comes towards you
Fearing the worst… then you stop

There in the sky, how many feet high
You lie in the arms of your savior
Handsome and strong, yet something feels wrong
Why else would your greatest fear save you?

As you gaze into his eyes, you begin to cry
A feeling inside tells you it’s all been a lie
Still… Can’’t you figure out why?
Why would family tell such hurtful lies?
How could this man be a beast?

Realization dawns like a shot in the dark
Human nature is your key
Jealousy, Anger, Fear and Love
Complexities never before touched

The scene now changes
Chaos below and Danger above
Slowly but surely the turbulence calms
And all eyes turn your way

Pressure from both sides yet you refuse to relent
Finally the war has ended
You choose your place among the lowly.
Gods are nosy anyway

Hand in hand, you walk your lands
Helping those you can
Everyone watched unable to fathom…
How the wolf fell in love with the hawk

Todays poetry contest submission was written by H.S.Tennyson.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?