True Love Takes Time

This is an average story of a woman and a man.
Sophomores in high school is where their story began.
They were best friends. No secrets or lies.
Except the one the young woman held inside.
She secretly loved him, but of course, she couldn’t let him know.
And then one day their story ended quickly so.
The boy got a girlfriend. His love for her was strong.
And then the young woman watched as her life became the theme of a Taylor Swift Song.
They soon grew apart and went their separate ways.
When they passed each other on the street, they would have nothing to say.
She tried moving on with her life – trying to make it through the highs and lows,
thinking that her un-requited love story had come to a close.
Two and a half years go by, and she is now in college,
She passes him on the street and one another they acknowledge.
They decide to meet up later, to talk and see what’s new,
And after all this time it was like they were still best friends – and maybe their friendship even grew.
Sure they had changed here and there, almost everyone does.
But nothing had changed between them, no reason, just because.
She began to have those feelings for him once again,
but became saddened because she knew how this story was going to end.
“I have a confession,” he told her, “I’m just not sure where to begin…
I loved you two and a half years ago, and I think I might be falling for you again.”

Todays best new poem was written by Brooke Purser.


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