Sirens flashing lights, people taking flight
In the night as all of what they owned
Burns to ashes
Where’s my child a mother screams as a
Local news staion comes on the scene
Reporting another tragic story of a family
Losing all they treasured to the burning flames.. lifes wildfires consumes hope and desires, touching them vehemently intensely violently untill all that remains is ashes..The hope of parents are dashed when the news of the mothers pregnantcy tragicly turns to no expectancy
As she cries”how could this be”
The desire of a college education is coming to fruition untill you hear the cost of tuition
Laughter turns to sorry with no hope no dreams of tomorrow
How fragile we are when all that we are is burned to ashes
Something that no longer has any value, but thers one that’s willing to give you beauty for your ashes for what you’ve lost can be given back to you without almost no cost
The only cost to you is your faith
The only thing that was left after the fire devoured everthing else
Beauty for your burned up hopes dreams your burned up everything
So while its called today make the trade
His beauty for your ashes that’s all he’s asking


Todays best new poem was written by Widowsoil.


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2 thoughts on “Trade

  1. The poems paints a vivd description of lifes trials and tribulations and when there seems like there no hope a suggestion in swapping your misery for happiness is implied, it doesn’t exactly state who you are trading with, but I guess its just implied that the who is Jesus, other than that its hits home

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