Town Of Industry

This town is a wonderful place, where the trees stand tall and high
They have no leaves but they do have crows that land from the dark gray sky.
The grass is bright, bright emerald green and literally glows
The problem is it reacts with the chemicals in the snow.
The lake over there is nice to sit by quietly at night
But in the day the lake looks black, it’’s such a horrible fright.
There are always jobs for everyone, so nobody complains
Except when their houses glow yellow from the toxic acid rain.
The neighbors had a fluffy cat, it used to meow and purr
That is, until the nuclear waste corroded all his fur.
At Halloween kids come up with costumes pretty fast
They each wear the same thing after all, children’s sized gas masks.
We all sat down to watch the fireworks in the month of July
They really looked amazing in the radioactive sky.
As kids we used to watch the frogs swimming in the pond
Now they’re having weird three-eyed mutated spawn.
Last month we watched the movie called Silkwood in the basement room
The green slime leaking through the windows added to the gloom.
This week a letter came in the mailbox by the door
It said asbestos was being removed from the whole streets’ attic floors.
Yesterday it rained again; it does that here a lot
It seems there was pollution here the residents forgot.
Now the neighbors are moving away, selling all their homes
I guess this town of industry will be left all alone.


Todays best new poem was written by Rebecca McNutt.


One thought on “Town Of Industry

  1. The poem is very mature view and sutle in its emphasis on the change in world. Very illuminating.

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