Top 10 Best New Poems in 2015 – #2

Top 5 poems of 2015, 2nd most popular poemThe 2nd most popular poem entered into the poetry contest for 2015 was written by Rajesh U.K from India, and it is titled, Dusk…. Nice piece Rajesh! 🙂

Read, Dusk,
by Rajesh U.K

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Best New Poems in 2015 – #2

  1. Great piece of work. Portrait the reality of life before our eyes. Sensitive & heart touching. Great work Rajesh

  2. Congrats! With your poignant words you paint the picture in front of the eyes! Way to go!

  3. Thank u so much Bestnewpoems for this appreciation and recognition…Feel on the top of the world to see my poem in the top 10…Also thanks to all who gave their sincere comments….

    Rajesh U.K

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