Top 10 Best New Poems in 2015 – #1

The #1 most popular poem in the poetry contest for 2015A drum roll please! This years winner and #1 most popular poem entered into the poetry contest for 2015 was written by Gary Smallwood from the United States, and it is titled, Beautiful And Bold. Excellent poem Gary, and congratulations!!! 🙂

Read this years #1 poem, Beautiful And Bold,
by Gary Smallwood

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Best New Poems in 2015 – #1

      • Please donate prize money to your favorite charity, thanks again for giving me the chance to enter the best poem contest…..

        • It was my pleasure Gary and that is very kind of you. My favorite charity is my pocket, lol. But, there is a new charity here in my town that is doing many good things for the needy that I will give it to.

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