Tonight The Stars Descend

Tonight the stars descend,
In their flaming glory they shall light up the sky,
Brighter than ever before,
Darkness shall be banished,
And will remain only under the soles of our feet.
People in countries far from here will stare in wonder,
And gaze as those heavenly bodies fall from on high,
The world itself will hold it’s breath,
And watch as those who gave so my hope to so many,
Come crashing down triumphant.
Some will cry, Others will smile… A few will understand,
That in the passing of these brightly lit giants,
All will be well,
There is hope in their passing, Yet tears we will cry,
For that’s what we do when our loved ones die.
The sky will be dark, the earth will be cold,
Stories of this night will forever be told with a smile and a tear,
But no-one would ever forget, the sight of the stars,
A sight to haunt even the coldest heart.
A long time they have been gone,
The lights that brought life to the night,
But in our dreams their light remains,
And what then would the darkness matter,
For here… There is light.
Tonight the stars descend…

Todays best new poem was written by Joshua James.


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