To Be Alone

To be alone and wander in solitude,
I speak and play and laugh to a great multitude,
But in my thoughts I live in a prison,
Not with so much to think and a lot to reason.

To be alone and ponder the mysteries of this life,
Of how the earth hangs, and why there’s so much strife;
I want to have space and plenty of darkness,
In order for my soul to breath in wellness.

To be alone without any company,
For humanity always crowded about me;
Silhouetted against the stars adorable,
In my mind, create words and pictures that are abominable.

To be alone in the deepest hours of the night,
When no rays can penetrate my rancorous heart,
Making efforts to marry my conscious and the subconscious,
Failure which will make me furious.

To be alone in my little corner of the earth,
Looking dead on the surface but screaming underneath,
Spilling my guts to loneliness my best friend,
Revealing secrets only the heart can comprehend.

To be alone is all that I want,
Yet I am seen as an outcast,
Described by many as socially deprived,
Some even say that I am out of my mind.


Todays best new poem was written by Peter Nwadike.