Turn out the lights,
The day is done.
The serenity of my lifelong friend
Envelops me as I close my eyes.

Dreams drift through my mind
Like a small raft in a large ocean.
Life is warm and calm
Not a wave in sight.

Crash! Bang! Crackle!
The world is jolted out of sleep.
The comfort and warmth vanishes
As quickly as it came.

The raindrops smash down on my window
It might shatter any minute.
The loud crashes threaten
The protection of my lifelong friend.

Little feet padding on the carpet
Mom and dad are down the hall
Warmth and comfort
are only steps away.

Mom and dad surround me
I am safe.
The warmth is back
The loud crashing seems so far away.

The soft sound of the falling rain
And the rumbling of the thunder
Is a lullaby now
So much different than in my own bedroom.

All the waves disappear
The water is smooth as ever.
My raft reappears
As if it had never left at all.

Todays best new poem was written by Kelsie Clawson.


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11 thoughts on “Thunderstorms

  1. I really liked the poem this month by Kelsie Clawson. It was very well written and I think that everyone who reads it can relate to it in some way…I loved the part where she hears footsteps coming down the hall because when you are little and scared you are hoping that someone will come and tell you that you are safe and that everything will be alright. Great Job Kelsie!

  2. This poem was fantastic! it was as if it were some famous poet who had written it. it was well written and lulled you into the scene. It was one that should never be taken off the top of the list.

  3. Kelsie, I didn’t know you could write poetry. It is a spiritual gift you have been given. Keep using it to bless the lives of others. It reminds me of the Sound of Music where the children sang of their favorite things during a rain storm. Children need to feel safe when they don’t understand the loud noise. Love , Grandma Stokes

    • Kelsi–I also didn’t know you could write poetry!! You are so talented–you sing, you dance, you draw and apint, you play the piano and now you WRITE. WOW!! You go girl!

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