Throwaway Poem

This is a throwaway poem
It’s written for you
Not for me.
And if you don’t like it
You know what to do,
It’s explained in the title you see.

For this is a throwaway poem
Not all verse is meant to endure
And I for one say
That’s supremely OK,
Eternity must be a bore.

So this is a throwaway poem
But even such odes can include
Just one lasting, heartfelt emotion,
In this case it’s three words.

You too?

Todays best new poem was written by Vincent Aurelius.


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2 thoughts on “Throwaway Poem

  1. Love it Vincent! And thank you for letting me know I can chuck it if I don’t like it hahah No, seriously, succinct and to the point, and with humor.

    • Thanks Pete. I enjoyed writing this one because it’s rejection-proof (unlike my others)!

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