Through Their Eyes

Through their eyes, with no disguise, I see as they have seen.
It is so clear, now that I am here, they were not being mean.
Why the bother, says the father, troubles will come and go.
Be a lover, then pipes in mother, with opened heart to show.
Don’t lay a waste, and make haste, time will come to pass.
Always be real, and remain to feel, making great so it lasts.
Be as you are, do not drift far, stay near as you may roam.
Not quite bouse, nor just a house, this here is your home.
Live and learn, laugh and earn, you will find your self.
Dream and hope, at times must cope, and lend a hand to help.
When you’re grown, hope it is known, we helped you on the way.
Now I am here, and I know their fear, so this is what I say.
To my daughter, I am your father, I have a gift for you.
It’s been passed on, for centuries gone, it is tried and true.

Todays best new poem was written by Jaime Earnest.


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