Thinking About You

A hurricane flew around my room

Maybe how you came into my life a beautiful Surprise

Before you came into my life

Excuse the mess it made

Something about you be on my mind

Like a lyric of my favorite song

The fine tune it plays is the melody of our unity

Me and you Sweet music to my ears

It never snows in Sunny South Florida

It could be because you melt the cold heart I use to have

Instead of disappointment

It’s more of building with you and improving

Flaws, Wisdom, Love being as a whole

One of my favorite Goals

Not for sex, but for everyday love

My dreams will benefit me so much

But the Dream of you is better

Riches of a spiritual richness, Love, communication and future offspring’s is better than anything EVER

You think for now like I do

But my heart and my mind see far ahead

My tears don’t show that much

But this black tears of my words shows all the emotion

On how I think of you sooooo much

Best part of my day is your presence

Like a kid on Christmas I light up when I see my greatest gift

Worth more than anything in this world

I been thinking about forever

Higher Higher is what you make me

Not when I’m doing it’s when the chips are down

You help me be a King and that you Deserve the crown

Love you so much you been by my side when everything flew

Thinking about you

Todays best new poem was written by KBriz.


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