The Weighting Game

words that are spoken,

with no rhyme or reason,

just feeling. and pain when projected.

they are just words. they are just words in our mouths

and on paper.


they are only words being crushed into our hearts

engraved like a personalized gift.

I can feel the weight; it’s incredible.

the words like anchors pulling on my insides-

I collapse into myself.

I am a cave with no exit; I am a mountain with no top.

but her, her heart beats like a broken fist,

not literally but figuratively.

she just wanted to not be kissed-

her feet on the ground breathing in poetry.

that’s when the rain felt like tiny knives,

I took a beating by the one heart I loved most.

our hands were locked so tight to never part-

what do you do when the world breaks your heart?

I can feel my throat close up; a basketball net with the bottom tied up.

I fall hard-

all at once.

and I wonder how long I can hold it-

this head upon my shoulders.

it’s a boulder,

leaning heavily against a flower.

with you, I don’t need to see-

forever feeling your spoken poetry.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Jennifer Kasianowicz.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


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