The Way Of Life

The cool and noisy sea-air blows.
The young get mad and
laugh and jump onto
the deafening waves.

The aged’s eyes,
sitting in the beach,
swallow the vast sea
that ends with the line
between itself and the sky.
They can not digest it.
It only wanders in their bellies.

My eyes are
fixed on the snails
clinging the sandy bed with
their muscular feet,
continuously pushed and pulled
by the waves.
Some still cling,
some float away;
and the unseen tears roll down
from my rheumy eyes.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Jagannath Biswal.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


9 thoughts on “The Way Of Life

  1. I had decided to stop writing poetry for the time being to focus on my study. But, when we the students of the dept. of English of Ravenshaw University had been for picnic to a sea-beach , there I saw ‘The Way of Life’ through the things I observed . The images of those things kept revolving in my mind.I transfered those images from my mind to the paper to lighten the pain and heaviness of my mind. Still now I see those things as clearly as in the dream.

  2. Heart touching poem. While reading, I feel as if I were there with you. Really it looks like the winning poem. Keep writing …

  3. A significant poem that highlights the poets concern with the complexity of human life. so according to me this should be the winning poem……..!

  4. Really its a unique one which is about the life and the beauty of nature . I have never read such a beautiful poem and it must be the winning poem. Don’t give up your pen keep writing …….

  5. Heart felt poem… The message of the poem enters into my mind through the concrete and exact images of the poem……

  6. You are awesome my friend. Your writing has maturity. This poem of yours shows the life of the aged persons and made me bound to imagine whether am going to have such a life after some years.
    Keep on writing my friend
    i am proud that am your friend

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