The Truth About Life

If people laughed instead of crying
Told the truth instead of lying
Showed lots of love instead of hate
This world would be a better place
With dignity and no disgrace

If People loved instead of killing
The powers that be could be more willing
To give us peace instead of war
That’s all that we are longing for
To live in peace forever more

If we had love and less divorce
If we had mild instead of force
If we’d unite instead of split
Instead of weak if we’d have fit
If only we had all of it

If we had sane instead of crazy
If we had work instead of lazy
If we had share instead of greed
And if the world would only heed
Then we’d have cure instead of bleed

If we had high instead of low
If we had yes instead of no
Instead of halt we should have go
And not say we don’t want to know
Instead of fast we’d live life slow.

We’re living life at such a pace
That we’ll destroy the human race
The way we live is a disgrace
Please do not ruin this lovely place
Just slow down, try not to race.

Todays best new poem was written by Jim O’Brien.


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3 thoughts on “The Truth About Life

  1. the truth about life is exellent, it rings so true of the present day and through the ages.

  2. thats my dad…. love ya pops…deep very deep xxx love it

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