The Struggle Of 1947

Acknowledge my pain,then we can talk.
Fear, hate, determination, betrayal
is what my country came across
to see what is now called freedom.

But who am I to say,
I being a child who was only worried about school being closed,
while my people were worried about the colors of our flags being burned faster than wood,
and this is what we had to go through to see what is now called freedom.

Walking across the wheat fields I fearlessly held my sack of lunch in a tight grip,
just like the British held their wooden sticks,
in which they fearlessly glared at my innocent people,
and we had to go through all that to see what is now called freedom.

I look upon a British solider,
wearing red and white from head to toe,
while I wore brown clothes from head to toe,
which made us differ by not the skin color but by our meanings of humanity.

He whips out his belt as if he had no regret,
hit, slapped, and whipped my innocent people were once again tortured,
tell me this is intolerable because I was close enough to faint.

I stood their with no expression,
eyes lost in fear,
lips sealed as if their was glue on them,
hoping I would stop this situation.

But I could not.

The agony of fear was put on my shoulders while I moved across the corn field,
neglecting the beauty of corn I only reckoned the red coats,
a bruise, a red scar, a black eye laid upon on a child’s face,
the innocent people were once again harmed.

Reaching town I hear the cows ,goats horses, chickens being slaughtered for food,
on the other hand brewed tea was arousing from the British quarters.
Neither did the crops receive any water and neither did my innocent people,
and this is what my innocent people had to go through to see what we know call freedom.

So then came a day,
my innocent people waited and waited for,
at last the nation was freed from red and white and had gained back the colors green and orange,
perhaps the country had a loss but had gained a lot for which we now call freedom.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Simran.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2014?


3 thoughts on “The Struggle Of 1947

  1. WOW. IT IS SUPERB! Honestly it has great depth and a clear understanding. Well done this should definitely win whatsoever!!!

  2. Nice. Its very really good. A absolute eye catcher! The last paragraph causes one to cry since it is written so descriptively.

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