The Shadows

The window pane was open,
In a dark dreary room.
A clock was tolling ten,
On a warm night in June.
The night was creeping in,
And a cool breeze too.
A man was sitting in the den,
Not knowing what to do.
Everyone had left him stranded,
In this dark dreary room.
For he had been abandoned,
Left to face his doom.

Finally the clock tolled eleven,
He knew it was about to start.
It seemed he saw the figures of men,
Each one knowing their part.
When they got closer,
They seemed not to be men.
He wishes he could have comprehended sooner,
What they had been.
They grabbed him by the legs,
And dragged him below the living.
He begins to cry and beg,
But they donΒ’’t seem to be forgiving.

They finally reach the core,
Where the heat is soaring red.
They go through a huge door,
He sees all around, the dead.
These demons reach their master,
And toss this man to his feet.
This is going (more than thought) faster,
His doom, he will finally meet.
A window pane was open,
In a dark, dreary room.
A clock was tolling ten,
On a warm night in June.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Kylia Blunk.


Do you think it could be the best new poem in 2013?


5 thoughts on “The Shadows

  1. Definitely the Best New Poem! Very dark and creepy… Interesting! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, this is a VERY good and well-written poem. It actually gave me a goose bump or two. It’s a little dark but I enjoed it. I hope to see more from this poet.

  3. Love this! Reminds me of something like Edgar Allen Poe or maybe Even Hitchcock. Great job! β™‘

  4. The guy in this poem is going insane from being stuck in this room. Everything that my poem says is going on is all in his imagination. That’s why at the end it repeats the beginning. πŸ™‚

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