The Second Coming

Where was the smile when the sun bathed me in its golden light?
Where was the gratitude when I was basking in my glorious fight?
Was the love that I realise today, lost then in delirium-rife;
Will there be a second coming?
Or will this be the story of my life?

Today, I walk alone in the dark alleys of despair,
Burdened with guilt, sorrow, remorse, and fear!
Today I take all responsibility, in every way that I can, but the wise men –
Oh! The wise men – they say, doom on my head, would very soon hang!
So I ask, and ask again – Will there be no second coming?
Will this be the story of my life?

Why is the day so cold, why does the sun shy away from me?
Isn’t this the despicable tunnel? The curse of the dark, it must be!
Heavily and reluctantly, I tread my weary way,
But just when I am about to fall, I can feel the hand that takes me away.
The hand that pulls me over, the hand that guides me out, and Behold!
Behold! Because Redemption it is; I can see the light!
Yes, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
There’s no one there, but this time around, the sun makes me smile
I know now, and I know for a fact – that the wise men were wrong, and my faith was right!
And it really doesn’t take a lot to understand-
Yes, there was a second coming.
And this, my dear, is the story of my life!

Todays best new poem was written by Arpa Mukherjee.


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