The Rising

It rose up
From its hollow, sunken, capsular existence
Brandishing each stroke with the weight of other-worldly breaths
Keeping a safe distance to not venture out too far and beyond

To be filled with sounds, energies, lights and voices
To never be left alone as it never will be

Seeing each tunnel-way form into a ceaseless organism
Teeming with spiritual conclaves
Not of the biblical kind though

Each movement, each stroke, each rotation choreographed by 7 guardians
7 inter-connecting colours connected to your hollow spine inhabited at this very moment by your personal serpent

Which in turn leads to an all too unfamiliar domain
The bosom of dreams, the lair of Dimethyltryptamine, the great pineal being

With a million internal and external nerves and connections that elongate

To the roots and shoots

Within fire, water, earth, wind, space, time and infinite energy

Rising above the 7 heavens, rising towards the 7th chakra, rising towards the highest energy being, light, creator, god

Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, Atum, Kukulkan, Ahura Mazda, Pangu, Omai, Ngai, Muluku, Odin, Altjira, Unkulunkulu, Inyan

The mere thought of that which fills me with a whole Diaspora of emotions so powerful that nothing can hold back our will

To do anything we want to do, to be anything we want to be,

To love unconditionally and universally, all the vibrant plants, all the wondrous creatures, all the breathtaking landscapes and all the beautiful people

and all that is you

and It kept on rising

Todays best new poem was written by Raappe.


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