The Reality Of Beauty

Tonight I look to the beautiful night sky.
I see the beauty in this world and then ask myself why?
Why is life so beautiful but then at times so hard?
What happend to the easy days when we just sang songs and played in the yard?
My innocence was stolen away and I can never really forget that day.
I was so young and nieve but how could I believe?
Believe that he really loved me when he lied and broke my heart.
I fell in love with a man who was lying from the start.
But I sacrificed so much for him..why God won’t you let me win?
All I wanted was true love. I prayed to you and to the heavens above.
I lost the faith I use to have because I felt let down and sad.
Now I can see that everything that has happend to me has taught me a life lesson so now I can see.
See that even though I sacrificed so much for someone else instead of my own needs.
I was fortunate enough to get lucky and plant these seeds.
Seeds of my experience, strength, and hope so now I can finally be strong And not have to coat.
Coat reality with wishes and dreams and instead I make them a reality.
A goal without a plan is only a wish that won’t come have to believe and try so you knew
Knew that the trials and tribulations only help you see
That life is a constant struggle but you can still succeed

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Brooklyn.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?