The Lost Cause

There’’s a time, and a place, and a reason.
A dream and a wound that is bleedin’.
A heart continuously beating, in the chest of a man that is searching for the meaning of his life.
And he can’’t get over the fact that he keeps getting stabbed in the back with a knife.
All he’’s ever been is a shadow, just another lost cause.
Always stuck in situations he’’s unable to handle, and all he has to show is scars from every battle.
Cus’ he’’s got a temper like a Taser, and fingernails that’’ll cut right through you like a razor.
Getting sharp pains from a dagger, every time you take another drag from your papers.
But you like the feeling when that smoke fills your chest, cus’ the only time you feel alive is when that poison takes effect.
Cus’ he’’s the reject and that’’s the way that he copes with it, sippin’ down the pain so he can taste the bitter hopelessness.


Todays best new poem was written by Epidemic.


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