The Lighthouse

the waves crashed hard against the shore
the rain started sprinkling and then began to pour
there were ships still out in the terrifying storm
no place to go or to get warm
the ships captains thought that their boats would sink
their bodies would be found dyed with red ink
but for these sailors there was hope from dry land
there was a large lighthouse sitting boldly on the sand
the light penetrated through wind and rain
the waves tried to block the light but only in vain
the sailors steered clear they wouldnÂ’t be beached
they waited in the foamy water for the clouds to be breached
the sun broke the clouds and the ships made for port
in they came of all kinds and sorts
they had a large festival in the cities marketplace
a good ending for a story that started with a sad face

Todays best new poem was written by Fay Leaf.


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