The Ghost Returned To Me

Feeling a little down I decided to go for a ride,
On California Street something made me pull aside.
Getting out of my car I was drawn to an old tree,
There after a moment the Lady Ghost visited me.
Her hair was blowing in the breeze as she stared,
I tried to show on my face that I was not scared.
Giving me a smile she started to stroll down the lane,
Going towards where they use to keep the insane.
Ii decided to see if I could get closer for a better look,
Then all of a sudden my right hand she took.
Without a word I kept up with her pace,
As we got closer to the site a sad look came on her face.
I spoke out loud, ” is there something I can do?
I hate to see such a lovely lady so blue”.
Then as fast as had appeared she went away,
So I thought to myself see you again some day.


Todays best new poem was written by Lillian Smith.


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