The Game Of Golf

All the worlds a ladder of progression,
Reaching the next level requires a series of steps.
The first step is curiosity; will he even like this game?
Will he someday play the game,
The one he witnesses from his backyard everyday?
The loud and constant sound of plastic balls pounding on the walls,
The learning young boy gets his first taste of the game.
Daily explorations around the golf course,
Searching for lost balls like an Easter egg hunt.
These tiny Titleist treasures,
Bring him even more excitement for the game.
The shiny new clubs for his birthday signifies his next step,
That he is now ready to play in the great outdoors.
The flight of the ball towards the target,
Validates his natural ability for the game.
Much like a young child experiences,
From the sounds of playing the piano for the first time.
The hours of routine practice during the week,
Begins to translate into his progression of skills.
The commitment to the game remains steadfast.
Similar to the skills of a carpenter,
Who masters his trade through years of practice,
So do the skills of the maturing young man improve,
Through the countless practice and tournament rounds.
Serving as a mentor is the next step in this process.
Like the watchful eye of an older brother,
Who helps guide his sibling through his learning years,
The young sibling is now able to learn the game,
From the lessons learned by the experienced older brother.
Commitment to the game will ultimately determine,
The finals steps and the height of this ladder.

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Zachary Mendez.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?


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  1. I visualized a child growing up with love for the game. Very well done,I liked it.

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