The Fight

all my life, there have been people fighting against me.
I’m serious, from the time I was a new born baby..

I don’t mean maybe..

the day I was born, I was shot up with dangerous “vaccines”,
my water laced with poison called floride..

it’s obscene..

doomed to poor health when the war began
I rose to walk anyway, and then I ran..

I wanted more, my parents had to say no
I was told to stop when I wanted to go

I was told to go when I wanted to stop,
harassed by teachers and the cops,

forcing propaganda and rules down my throat,
while hiding their hypocrisies beneath their coats..

co-workers, bosses, bullies, and classmates..
I’m pretty sure that you can all relate..

my point..

life is war, wether it’s wrong or right,
and you must always be prepared to fight!


Todays best new poem was written by Darin Painter.


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