The Felony Abyss

My mind wanders
something seems amiss
A steel door slams
I’m in the Felony Abyss

I dive the depths
Earn my spoils
Sentence myself
to life in turmoil

Penance I pay
for young life squandered
What could I change
I often ponder

Hatred – anger
Misery – pain
Violence – danger
Decency drains

Beyond compare
Sanity at risk
Enter if you dare

Walk this line
Protect a public ungrateful
No thanks I get
but writings ever hateful

The day ends,
Exit the door
Some of my “self”
left on the floor

At night I’m home
Lie in my bed
Try to shake demons
loose from my head

Return tomorrow
though I know not why
Oh, how I wish
to bid this place goodbye

Todays best new poem was written by Jcat5150.


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