The Excellent Moment

I was on the bed as sleeping with sound sleep.
And then took fresh air from the window, half-open.
It was a new moon…didn’t see anything towards the street.
The entire atmosphere was silent in a gentle frame.

I started dreaming with unsound joy in full swing.
I experienced the pretty silence of the night and its pleasure,
That time the entire people deluged their sleeping
Due to their day hard work as well as many-a-affair.

Towards that mission I thought and sometime slept,
I did not find out what I was with the closing eyes.
Sometime I found some soft fine light to my eyes and got conscious swift,
And I discovered it that someone from the sky offered me a new rise.

Todays best new poem was written by Ridendick Mitro.


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4 thoughts on “The Excellent Moment

  1. this poem is fine because it reflects a profound thinking

    with its skillful expression.

  2. The poem like “The Excellent Moment” , written by

    Ridendick Mitro , gives us the godliness feeling which improves

    the power of thinking towards the Supernaturalism.

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