The Dreaming Lady

The deep black sky
I must say, is at its prime
Patronizing infinite glittering jewels
That steal the show
But Alas, there is no one to witness the spectacle
Coz everyone has slipped into a dreamy slumber

The night is chilly yet pleasing
Somewhere in the mountains
A lady gazes fondly at the sky
The jewels staring back at her
Her beauty, she finds incomplete without them
But she can choose only one
Like her companions
She craves for the moon
The majestic of them all
The dominating one
But Alas, she is afraid
Afraid of its ability to exhibit multiple facades

Her searching eyes lay on the brightest star
Twinkling with all its ingenuity
Makes her think; this is the one
But Alas, the star is a weakling
As she won?t relish the company
Of one who vacillates all the time

It?s the morning star then, she guesses
Bigger than the biggest star
Brighter than the moon itself
But Alas, it?s a mere servant which
Duly revolves around its king
And the king pays him in light
He keeps to himself
and is a rare sight

Puzzled, she returns to her warm chamber
Just to find herself smiling at the dimming embers.

Todays best new poem was written by Pulkitthesagi.


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