The Dragon Slayer

Dragons of terror, Dragons of pain,
Dragons we create with the eye of our brain.
Dragons so vivid, Dragons so real,
Dragons that I see, Dragons that I feel.

We breathe life into their nostrils with the breath of our fears,
We feed them and heed them with our eyes and our ears.
Dragons these Dragons that grow every day,
Dragons these Dragons we’ve built out of paper mache.

With dimensions and life as real as our fright,
Who die at the exposure of truth and, the light.
But we keep them well hidden, in dark corners of our minds,
Safely to thrive into fears of many different kinds.

Dragons, these Dragons justify our pain,
Dragons, these Dragons give us the excuse to complain.
Complaining about others and, the way “they” should be,
Complaining about everybody –but, never saying “me.”

Complaining about our mothers for not understanding our teenage years,
Complaining about our fathers and, blaming them for our fears.
The choice is clearly ours, whether our Dragons live or die,
These Dragons we’ve created, with our inward eye.

These Dragons of fire will burn themselves away,
If exposed to the truth and, the light of day.
Communicate your feelings,– express your joys and fears,
Do not live in battle scars from your younger years.

Use these scars for learning, to build a stronger you,
Use these scars towards happiness in later things you do.
We must begin to understand, we create our own state of mind,
Happiness is something you work for, not something you “might find.”

So grab your shield and saber, to the battlefield you must go,
And bravely fight those Dragons, until you’ve slain your foe.
And in the future remember, killing a dragon is easy….. when it’s small,
But, if you feed them with your fears, someday it’s you who might fall!

Todays poetry contest submission was written by Mike Jacobs.


Do you think it could possibly be one of the best new poems of 2013?